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Not To Be Confused with STDs….

tsdIt’s February 1996 the Spice Girls are 6 months away, Eternal are riding high in the charts as the UK’s premier girl group and all of that is about to change…..

Claire, Bonnie & Cossie -TSD – are about to burst into the charts with their infectious tunes.
Well, maybe burst isn’t the right word – more like a damp fizzling defective firework, they sparked and just burnt out. Their debut single Heart & Soul limped into the UK singles chart at the dizzying heights of of number 69, the follow up Baby I Love You fared slightly better at #64

So what does TSD stand for? Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
It’s such a shame that their name sounds like a particularly virilant STD…
How did they come up with such an intriguing band name? “We just chose a letter of the alphabet we each liked” – now there’s real girl poweer for you!

However, it’s lucky for us that TSD were a failure. One member went to become ‘The Voice’ of one of the UKs most successful pop acts in recent history – Steps.

[download Baby I Love You] [Download Heart & Soul]


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RSS: Reloaded

Really Saying Something: Reloaded – your chance to catch up on popular tracks you might have missed!

At the end of February, along with Don’t Stop The Pop!, we held our Atomic Kitten weekend.

One of the most popular tracks by far was a track featured only on the Japanese version of Ladies Night.

This has proved to be our most popular download so far, so once again we present to you Good Times.

[download] [official website] [buy greatest hits]

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