Aussie Invasion – Here Come The Drums

The Rogue Traders are set to mount a full scale UKinvasion this summer as they bring their brand of funky electro-pop n rock to our shores following a deal with SonyBMG.
The live band consists of James Ash(Keyboards), Timothy Henwood (Guitars), Cameron McGlinchey (Drums) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Lead Vocals). The group's original members (James Ash, Steve Davis) met in London in 1989. Before forming Rogue Traders, Ash and Davis worked together on many projects, most notably as dance act Union State. Davis still contributes to the band and is still an active part of the songwriting process.The Rogue Traders are set to mount a real life Aussie Invasion as they invade the UK this summer with their brand of funky electro-pop, after recently signing a deal with SonyBMG.

They returned in 2005, with their new album Here Come The Drums, along with new band member Neighbours' Natalie Bassingthwaighte. The first single "Voodoo Child", reached number #4 in Australia, and #7 in New Zealand (their biggest hit yet) and made the band a household name. The second single from the album, "Way to Go" reached #7 in Australia, while "Watching You", which was their second single to reach the top 5, peaked at #5 in Australia. Like many other modern music acts, the Rogue Traders use elements of old songs in their music. However, rather than sampling the original 'Pump It Up' by Elvis Costello. "Watching You" also contains re-recorded elements of 'My Sharona' by The Knack.

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Cheyne – Don’t Call Her Baby

Cheyne Coates is probably better known as one half of the successful dance act Madison Avenue, who came to the public's attention with the release of the anthemix track "Don't Call Me Baby".

Madison Avenue announced that it had broken up in 2003. Cheyne had married and had a child called Liberty in 2002. Cheyne started working on a solo album with Brian Canham, formerly of Australian synth pop band Pseudo Echo, and Ewen McArthur. The album will be released in the latter half of 2004.

The first single "I've Got Your Number" reminiscent of "Don't Call Me Baby" made the #15 on the Australian singles charts in 2004 and was added to the playlist on BBC Radio 1. She has also started the Aperitif record label in 2003. Her second single, "Taste You", also reached the top 100 in July 2004.

Following the release of the club stomper "Taste You", Cheyne released her debut album "Something Wicked This Way Comes". The album features an eclectic mix of chill-out, dance, jazz and pop music. "Femininity" could easily be seen as an homage to her days in Madison Avenue, while "I Don't Do Nice" is reminiscent of tracks on Madonna's "American Life" album. The 'show pony' makes it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with in Australian dance music.

[download I've Got Your Number]

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Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWe’re donning our shoulder pads and leg warmers and getting our hair permed, as we head back to the 80s to deliver you a forgotten gem.

Jane Wiedlin was 1/5 of the succesful 80s group The Go-Gos and was the first to leave following an argument with the group’s lead singer Belinda Carlisle about lead vocals.

After a successful tour and clearing of the animosity which had contributed to the original split, The Go-Go’s reformed as a regular unit in 2000. The band released God Bless the Go-Go’s in 2001, its first studio effort in 17 years.

in 1988 Jane hit the uk with Rush Hour, and hit the top 15 with the track, only to disappear completely from our charts.

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Katie Price – Not Just Anybody

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJordon Katie Price has taught us many things here at Really Saying Something.

The first thing we’ve learnt is not to wear hot pink rubber catsuits when 6 months pregnant. It will only make you look like Tinky Winky’s  slutty older sister.

And the second is never try out for Eurovision if you can’t sing live.
Not Just Anybody could have been our next Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit – an anthem that grips the nation and gets everyone’s hopes up.

Unfortunately for us, Ms Price doesn’t have what it takes to sing live. We love the studio version however – it’s big and pink and camp and glittery!
If this had been recorded by the likes of Minogue V2.0 or maybe even RSS Favourites Girls Aloud, this would have hit potential.

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Don’t forget….

The Australian Invasion starts Monday – bringing you a whole host of pop gems from downunder! Look out for hits from the past, present and a few from the future!

RSS apologises for the lack of recent updates – this has been out of our control and normal service will be resumed shortly.

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As STEPS were at the peak of their success, their management hit on a fantastic idea – create a clone of them and unleash twice as much pop on to the world.

The set up was pretty much poop by numbers, 3 girls, 2 guys and pop – allSTARS* were born. Sam, Thaila, Ashley, Becki (Rebecca) & Sandi slogged their little hearts out.

Taking the steps pop route and using the S Club TV Show idea, this should have made the group HUGE!
Unfortunately onlt one of the four singles released managed to scrape into the top 10 – a cover of the Bucks Fizz hit The Land Of Make Believe.

Their self titled debut album was a polished pop affair and includes fantastic tracks such as Love Is & Butterflies. Unfortunately after just 4 singles the group disbanded.

[download] Rock This House – a pretty standard pop track, it starts of with a quite promising pop that sounds a bit dancey intro, but quickly morphs into a standard pop ditty.

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March 15, 2006 at 3:35 pm 6 comments

Future Hit: hitting the G-Spot

After nearly 10 years the wait is finally over!
Ms Gina G is about to make an assualt on the UK charts all over again.

After releasing a collection of tracks last year via her website for her loyal fans, Ms Gardiner has set up her own record label – Stuntgirl music – and is ready to tackle the mainstream once again!

Tonight’s The Night is a fabulous piece of dance-disco tinged pop, and is already on heavy rotation in clubs across the land.
It’s a natural progession from her 96/97 material and is bang up to date.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit more from Ms G in 2006!

[download Tonight’s The Night] [discuss on forums]

March 14, 2006 at 9:20 pm 2 comments

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